Our target is to be the largest and most valuable financial platform in Argentina with a regional perspective, that offers a distinctive customer experience and leads the industry in operational efficiency by relying on the best talents and contributing to the sustainable development of the country.

  • Our aim is to maintain a flexible corporate structure, allowing us to adapt to the ongoing transformation of the different industries where we participate through our subsidiaries. This facilitates the business comparison with their relevant competition, providing us with more flexibility to react to the market trends by responding quicker to our customer´s needs, in terms of new markets and locations, products, services and distribution channels.

  • The organization defined into independent business units provides us with a better perspective of the specific innovation needs, enhancing the possibilities of improving our customers' experience through strategic alliances that contribute to expand and improve our services and product offerings.

  • We established a financing strategy for each subsidiary to retain their own cash flows, reducing cash contributions to the minimum necessary. Likewise, with a structure of independent subsidiaries, we allocate capital efficiently by designing optimal capital structures for each unit and, therefore, reducing capital and investment costs while enhancing growth potential possibilities

  • From our subsidiaries we seek to enhance the capabilities and skills of our employees in order to develop their maximum potential to the market's demands. To this end, we provide a healthy and safe work environment, with opportunities to attract and develop talent.